sans allin comique (empallin) wrote,
sans allin comique

Vision Elite Micro by Allin KHG

Those boys and girls
With their messy hair
Dirty clothes
And favorite pens
Filled with the over-educated spirits of young dreamers
Favorite pens that could kill you
That could write a story that would ruin your heart
Before you turned the first page
Only to find the had drawn you a new stronger one
These dreamers
That became friends in youth
Spread across the world
Like a shotgun blast of emotion and talent
All dreaming of changing hearts and minds
Making the world a better place
And maybe making a living in the process
The world has changed
And the weaker ones gave up
Got distracted by the trials of life
Or just walked away
But for a few we are all still here
Or there or there or there
Still trying to make a difference
Still doing what we love
With our hearts
And our favorite pens
Still mocking the status quo
Breaking laws and rules where need be
Dreaming of a better world
And still not making a living
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