sans allin comique (empallin) wrote,
sans allin comique

Left To Do by Allin KHG

one little thing i want
one little thing
that would change nothing
and everything
i could tell you
but i am sure you would laugh
i want to find a letter
hidden away somewhere
where i would not see it right away
where i would see it when i found it
a letter that tells me you love me
and how and why
and how much
and how little nothing else matters
your heart spilled out
in black and white
telling me you love me
you always will
it may take time but it will be ok
no matter how mad we get
i can always come back to you
i can always hold you
or be held by you
be it minutes or years
before i even try
a promise you would kill to keep
telling me that you see me crying
and you dont laugh
like i am sure you do
you wish you could make it all better
you wish you could squeeze the pain away
that you will kiss me in the morning
even when we are pissed
and dont want to look at each other
a little note
that says everything you cant
unsigned and tucked away
that closes with
'keep this with you always'
and i will never be sure
where it came from or how
until years later
when you quote it
word by word
as i am falling asleep
deeper into darkness
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