sans allin comique (empallin) wrote,
sans allin comique

Scrabble And Cheese by Allin KHG

You did what you had to
Standing in the shadow of a legend
Sticking to your guns
To cover his back
Lived it and loved it
Until the last of the living was done
Honored and proud
To have been there for the best and worst
And when it was over and done
Walking back into the sunlight
You still kept the house in order
Making sure his cats were fed
And the ink was dry
Everything to the letter
Before the word hit the street
Tending to the tinderness
Of a thousand souls he left behind
Spirits of the mind
Ghosts from dreams
That never lived
But would live far beyond even your years
You walked about in the sunlight
with your head held high
While caring the weight of worlds
And carrying on
With what you knew
And anything new that carved a new path
Never failing to stop
To pet the strays that pass
A little fresh milk for honey
Both at work and games
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