sans allin comique (empallin) wrote,
sans allin comique

a hundred things that have no words by allin khg

I look hard at you
Looking for a sign
Some slight clue
Then I close my eyes
Turn and walk away
Your hand presses soft on my arm
Not to push or pull
Not to hold back
Just a touch you had to make
To try to say
A hundred things
That have no words
Use words you can't speak
Words that are the flavor of sunlight
With a sprinkle of a long walk
Along the water under a full moon
Words that have flavor and smell and feel
But no letter to form them
You pull your hand away
Hoping with all your heart
That some of those words made it
Through my dry dirty skin
My wrecked tormented head
In to my heart
The part you know is still alive
and not dust and residue
Left from so many past pasts
That small part
That you can only hope
Was always held and protected
Just for you
And the tear that runs down you cheek
As I keep walking
My hand in slight movement
Subtle shifts
As my fingers extend
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