sans allin comique (empallin) wrote,
sans allin comique

[khg] the little one

i am sorry i couldnt get it right for you
i tried and really tried
i just wanted it all to be right
when i saw you for the first time
it never was and it never will be
you can at least thank me
for not putting you through this hell
the was one last chance
and that got thrown away
i am sorry the dream had to die like this
twenty five years is a long time
to hold on to a useless dream
seriously would you go here
would you want to handle the bitter cold
i never really thought i would out live this
but you were never forgotten
sitting in the corner crying
that was all for you
the reason you werent the in the first place
getting the hell out
getting married
getting treatment
that was all for you
to make sure everything was perfect
this heartbreak consumes me
at all the headaches i have caused
and the big mistakes i can never take back
never changing the answer to the question
but the question never changed
its not even worth it now to ask
what can i be doing different
theres no going back a second
much less 25 five years
so sit with me one last time
as i cry us both to sleep
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