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headaches heart breaks and big mistakes

small and frail and plastic

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sans allin comique
23 May 1969
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Single instance of dominant carbon based lifeform, DNA carrying bipedal unit.

Subject is one of a recent revision of ongoing random genetic recombination experiment (currently in 35000th iteration of this species' test cycle) in progress on third planetary satellite of the star "Sol".

Subject belongs to the class of domesticated primate called "human" {Scientific Nomenclature: HomoSapiens} and exhibits physical and mental characteristics of the diploid division dubbed "male".

Subject displays a proficiency for manipulation of communication systems, primarily via the symbol system called "English" and displays a keen awareness of incongruity and absurdity, often manipulating said symbol system to illustrate this.

Subject also shows a marked interest in the secondary communication system of manipulated vibratory patterns (referred to as "music" in subjects primary communication system) and effects of said patterns on mental/emotional states of domesticated primates.

Fair Use Has A Posse
Free the Net

Graaaagh! - You Put Your Brians In It.

[Mitnick Mailing List Archive] - The home for the Mitnick Mailing List Archive.

get back. it's way early. - the new home for some of the old stuff but for now very little is there.

breakdowns and bigger mistakes - just poems and stories.

Negativland Into the future - yes i did an amazon list of negativland albums that is not complete because i ran out of alloted holes.

[notes to self about future and past posts and stories. clues that will not really make much sense]

famous faces ringfinger kyles subway series my life in storage out of mass dying and dead crushes it's a small world black death built on a gun sids (maybe w/ guns) head injury dropping and driving mass ps books recomend archival and worldwide effigies of past lives joe mama jahmanji all apologies nirvanas beer (maybe w/ famous faces) the count seeing the sizes resume lack of training ambulance chasing fifty bucks and a new battery bill and the boys (maybe w/ famous faces) fight girl first one is free stand up stand out plagerized twelve year olds hand shoot flatten disaster follows the t word back and forth monster first and last strip teases old old poems bold but not when it comes to money fire works die before I get old juniors cut and paste trip rules concepts of paper money big black bears corolla water dump what goes up i must come down friends femmes more random rants for alice the camel be a leader not a follower leaving las vegas finishing kansas finish the story of a gun can't live it for fuck slug bug plus 'exhibit a' walgreens sucks audio and zine reviews no deal dj poem cult movie reviews heymaggie vp009/10 new dictionary words bible bizzare computer and software tips

The Descendents - When I Get Old

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Gimme: that big net store front

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