sans allin comique (empallin) wrote,
sans allin comique

Maybe Not by Allin KHG

i dont know what to say
entranced by the reality
soaking it all in
every movement
every noise
wanting to tell you
explain to you
a lot things
a hundred things
too many things
i know you wouldnt understand
i didnt
and still dont
how am i going to explain it to you
i have kept all these notes
things i wanted to tell you
tell you about
show you
but i just sit here
watching and listening
i could explain to you
how it was done
just for you
to show you
for the world to see
how real it was
how unreal it feels right now
no one will understand
any of it up to now
heres this
where do i start
where do i stop
your hand on mine
telling me it can wait
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