sans allin comique (empallin) wrote,
sans allin comique

Hey Beautiful by Allin KHG

i said you were beautiful
and i meant it
i forgive you
for the misunderstanding
its what you are used to hearing
from people that dont look further
i mean sure
you are attractive
a face to die for
eyes i could get lost looking in
a nice rack
and an ass that doesnt stop
but that
is one tree in the forest
i might say other girls
are pretty or cute or nice
you though
are one of the beautiful people
a quirky sense of humor
backed by a thirst for knowledge
a charming personality
the glossy coat on the darkness within
a voice that soothes
as it calls upon demons
a heart that made of glass
that turns to stone at the slightest injustice
complications and complexities
contradictions and cuteness
so remember that
the next time i say it
you are more beautiful than you know
and well...that ass
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