sans allin comique (empallin) wrote,
sans allin comique

I Will Laugh For You by Allin KHG

you watch the flames flicker
back and forth in the night air
trying to avoid the smoke
too far from the fire
to feel its warmth
dancing around in its glow
gasoline in one hand
dried flowers in the other
throwing it all in
and then stepping back
wanting so badly
to see the world burn
wishing there were not a price
closing your eyes
spreading your arms
trying to gather nerve and heat
you open your eyes
a quiet voice in your head
asking the man in the moon
for the nerve to decide
to walk away to gather more fuel
or to never return
the only answer you receive
is a faint cackle in the night
gasoline is expensive
the season for flowers has passed
so you step forward and sit
staring into the fire
willing it to spread
and burn away this chill

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