sans allin comique (empallin) wrote,
sans allin comique

a dirty main road by allin khg

i told her i had done it
once or twice
or a hundred times
but it never seemed real
she smirked at my frustration
patted my head
promising to make it all better
my eyes rolling
told of similar small promises
meeting similar fates
memories only ever spoken
she just stood there smiling
then the day came
where she was set to keep her word
fighting sleep and apathy
something warm for the cold day
she saw the words stop
the arms flailing
a whirlwind of excitement
running and stopping
stomping and storming
she didnt know what to expect
when i finally calmed down
looking at her
my head so far beyond my words
she made it clear she was not let down
she just stood there smiling
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