sans allin comique (empallin) wrote,
sans allin comique

[khg] perdition and nowhere

i hear you calling
those low soft whispers
that cackle in the dark
begging me to come to you
one more dance
one more kiss
to again take you by the hand
and make you mine
your streaked black hair
long and longing
with you back turned to me
so you can pretend to be surprised
the trail of bread crumbs
that point the direction
the care packages
of matches and gasoline
from someone named bridges
and a note that simply reads
"in case you need some light"
we have been here before
you know i cant refuse the call
i just cant ever answer
as quickly as i would like to
the weather has to be right
the days have to be longer
and there has to be a big x
painted across your mouth
so for now
your whispers only taunt me
with a constant reminder
to work a little faster
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